Wildlife Removal

While some wildlife animals may appear cute and cuddly, they may also cause damage and be a nuisance to your home or business. Damage is often an issue caused by unwanted wildlife that make their way inside. They usually enter when the seasons change, seeking shelter and a place to raise their young. This means that there usually is more than one animal to remove. If the area is left unattended, the animals can cause severe destruction, create damaging holes, and leave many health-hazardous wastes behind. Sounds from the animals may also be disturbing, especially at night.

To remove these animals, cages are set, baited, and checked daily, until the last animal is safely removed. Valley’s technicians have specialized training and techniques for baiting cages and monitoring areas where the animals get in. They are also able to use their knowledge and expertise to help determine which kind of wild animal is making an entrance. Customized exclusion and prevention methods can be put into place by the technicians once the animals are removed.

Humanely Remove Wildlife