covid-19 sanitation service

Ultra-Low Volume applications are designed to produce ultra-fine droplets to ensure even coverage while using small amounts of product. Large volumes of compressed air at low pressures (10-20 psi) transform liquid products into tiny droplets (1-150 μm in diameter) that are dispersed into the atmosphere; in this case, the compressed air carries the droplets of product onto the target service (approx. 1 sq ft per burst), coating the surface in an even mist of product so light that it can be used on electronics such as keyboards, mice, and computer monitors without damaging them. This application ensures that nearly every surface a worker would touch can be treated.

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What We Treat

Our treatment is designed for use mainly on hard, non-porous surfaces that see frequent human contact. For example: doorknobs, handrails, light switches, ladders, countertops, rest rooms, work tables, garbage cans, benches, chairs, desks, waiting rooms, and office workspaces. We suggest common-use technology and equipment, such as telephones and computer-interface equipment (e.g. mice and keyboards), also be treated, since the ULV method is delicate enough to pose little to no hard to electronics.


We at Valley realize that this is a difficult time for many people and businesses. Our main goal is to protect the health and welfare of you, your family, and your coworkers. As such, we have designed a cost-saving sanitation strategy to make this treatment as accessible as it can be to everyone.

The following discounts apply

  • $25 off your first sanitation service.
  • 5% off your next service after referring this service to others (once they sign up for service).
  • 5% discount for all businesses and individuals working on the “front lines” of the epidemic, applied to all sanitation treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic, to show our gratitude to those people working to keep our nation running during these unprecedented times.
  • Discounted rates for repeat services (daily, weekly, etc).
  • Discounted rates when adding this service onto an existing pest control service.