Bees, Wasps, and Stinging Insect Treatment and Removal

Bees and wasps often swarm out in the warmer months and make nests around the eves of homes and buildings, or in trees and bushes. They can be both a health issue and a nuisance, so it is important to act fast and get the nests removed safely and quickly. Valley’s technicians are specially trained to handle bees and wasps and similar stinging insects. Special protective suites, gloves, and hoods are worn to protect the technicians as they treat or remove the nests.

When treating these types of infestations, it is important to remove the original nest and its remains to prevent these stinging insects from returning. Galvanized steel and other types of surfaces must often be treated in homes, businesses, schools, parks, recreational facilities, and campsites. A local beekeeper is called in to help with certain types of bees that require special care, such as the Honey Bee. Lifts that give the technicians mobility and access to reach a job at any height are available as well. It is important to call a professional right away to locate the nest and treat as soon as possible. Many people are allergic to bee stings and the nests may emerge quickly, so early treatment and immediate removal are important.

Get Rid of Stinging Insects