Bat Exclusion and Prevention

Bats are a beneficial animal and a protected species, so it is important to have removal done carefully. Bats are often found dwelling in attics, chimneys, and garages, which can be a nuisance to home and business owners. Valley’s technicians are specifically trained and specialized in this area in order to exclude bats without harming them.

There are several techniques available, such as one-way-doors and coverings for vents and holes, which are custom-designed by technicians to allow the bats to leave and prevent them from re-entering. Technicians are also trained to know the best time to perform the exclusion so that the removal is not done too soon after the mothers have their young. Issues that may be caused by bats include health issues from the waste left behind, and bat bugs that feed on the bats and can later infest your home. Valley’s technicians may recommend having a fumigation treatment done to the attic and surrounding areas if bat bugs are an issue.

Exclude and Prevent Bats