Ant Treatment and Prevention

Ants are social insects that live in colonies. They may enter your home or business while foraging for food or seeking shelter. Successful treatments include an inspection to locate the source, and a treatment plan for the entire colony. Repellents and partial treatments may only deter ants. Understanding the behavior of ants helps the technician decide the best possible pest management strategy. Ants use outside entry points through small cracks and crevices to search for food and water for their colony. They prefer either sweet-based or protein/grease-based foods. Once they find a food source, the ants leave a pheromone trail for the other ants to follow.

The damage caused by ants can at times be disastrous to your home and can even appear similar to termite damage. Moisture is a big factor for ants, along with open and exposed areas around the foundation of a structure. Early treatment at the first signs of ants and prevention for the months ahead are the best ways to combat these common household pests. Regular monthly treatment is often recommended for your home or business.

Get Rid of Ants